We are happy to report we have the BCFPB CD “Dirty Hose” in stock and ready to ship!

Featuring the Billboard Song Contest award-winning hit The Rasta Piper

BCFPB_DHOur CD contains something for everyone including the traditional Irish Parade Sets, a Scottish Set, Patriotic Set, 6/8 Set and even a kick ass Hornpipe Set.

However, the highlight of this CD is far from traditional. The street march “Rock-and-Roll Part 2” (Gary Glitter) and Tequila, the swing version of “Steam Train to Mallaig”, “Mr. Parody’s Opus – The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (complete with vocals and wild animal… err… band member sounds, the original Reggae tune “Rasta Piper – Gimmie Da Stuff” (which we debuted in 2003 for the Queen’s own Jim Motherwell), “I Wanna be Sedated”  (The Ramones) and two other Celtic rock medleys set this CD apart for the norm.

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Dirty Hose CD Tunes

  • Rock-and-Roll part II, Tequila
  • Patriotic Set
  • The Steam Train to Mallaig
  • Scottish Set : Scotland the Brave, 42nd Highlanders, Rowan Tree
  • Amazing Grace, The High Road to Gairloch
  • Howl at the Moon
  • The Irish Set: Wearing of the Green, Sean South of Garryowen, Minstrel Boy, Kelly the boy from Killane
  • Rasta Piper “Gimmie Da Stuff”
  • Hornpipe Set: Itchy Fingers, The Red Fox, Damp Carpet
  • 6/8 Set: Atholl Highlanders, Bonnie Dundee, Garryowen
  • I Wanna be Sedated
  • Mr. Parody’s Opus
  • Medley 2
  • Medley 1
  • Drum Salute “Early Days”
  • Flowers of the Forest

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